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When the mountain took the place of my father

Photographs & Silkscreen, 2017-2019


« When the mountain took the place of my father » is a praise to my father through the personification of the mountains, treated in portrait.

In 2017, my family and I walked the Tour of the Mont Blanc. Two years after my father’s died. During 4 days of hiking, I took pictures of the mountains, summits and peaks that surrounded us.

When I came back and looked at the images I had made, I realized that somehow the mountain had healed us. It had given us a direction, a path to go to. We could eventually move forward.

These mountains were standing in front of us like monuments, gradually embodying the portrait of my late father who, in a way, would never disappear.

For me, portraying a non-human figure is a way to deal with the idea of Landscape – the experience of landscapes. In a different way, it is to get closer to the concept of the milieu, where our presence and the feeling of the atmosphere become inseparable from that place.


“This is about my father.
This about the mountain
— The idea of Sublime.

This is about feeling alive after facing death.

This is about something tough to reach.
This is about preserving and triggering memories.
—The idea of the impossible”


Here, the book about this project