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Project Incidences, 2016-2018

Incidences, silver print contact on Baryta paper, 11x15cm, 2017

The initial idea was to make images from the litophane : eighteenth century technique that produces bas-relief images on porcelain with a back-lighting system.

I decided to adapt this technique to the 3D printer. Therefore, I create a sample to test the item’s transparency (small white PLA target, 4 levels of thickness). By testing the item I find a singular interest for the thread it produces, once enlarged. The idea is to make images based on this item by silver-based printing.

The verification process is on its way : contact printing, then enlargement. The accident on the item (a tear) opens the possibles field : the verification item becomes the experimentation item. We enter the matter, we discover a landscape. Scale is muddled.

The images have different status : search for a sign (small format), search for a landscape (medium and large formats).