Installation, Photography & Screen Printing

« Cette vue que je n’aurai plus » is a work dealing with my relationship to time, especially with the present.
How can I experience it, between fugacity and elasticity?

This relationship to time is expressed through places that are subject of contemplation. I always maintain a physical connection with these places — which I sometimes pass through like the mountain, or contemplate like the sea.
Always remaining close to the idea of the sublime.

Most of the time the view is obstructed. I push the audience to lift up a kind of shroud overlaying the images, in order to discover what they actually represent. The sentences layering and printed over the images are acting also as vail by the mental image they are producing. I wrote these text as some sort of Haïku, always linked to the present through the meteorological and physical elements they contain.
Therefore, a dialogue is being made between the mental image create by the text and the actual printed image.

I like the idea of being active in front of the images, and not only be in passive contemplation. As well as having an active presence in these places and feel what is happening there.
What are the images suggesting? What kind of emotions are generated? What sensations are they bringing?

And thus, stretching the time to counter the idea that sometimes time can slip through our fingers.


Exhibition view, Graduation Show 2020 – Ensad Paris


Cette vue que je n’aurai plus, full series, 2020